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    Kanye West Unveils New Yeezy Office Location: Next Door to Adidas HQ

    Kanye West unveils his new Yeezy Studio office location, right next door to the Adidas HQ! The rapper’s Yeezy office, which has just been revealed in PIN-UP magazine, is situated right next door to Adidas HQ.

    West enlisted the design firm of Willo Perron to transform the building. The two-story, ’70s-era concrete building transformed into a workspace for his Yeezy brand. The interior’s design features flexible spaces for hosting events and film screenings.

    Kanye West’s New Yeezy Office is Right Next Door to Adidas HQ

    Yeezy Studio is part of an effort to ramp up West’s architecture and design ambitions. After announcing Yeezy Home last month, the brand expects to unveil a social-housing project later this year.

    Willo Perron collaborated with West on several projects in the past. The two worked on showroom for Ye’s latest Yeezy collection. They presented a “scenic landscape” for an outdoor showcase. The presentation was a success at New York’s Four Freedoms Park. Perron claims the minimalist aesthetic of the spaces celebrates “utilitarianism and brutalism”.

    One of the space’s sexiest features is a sewing room that has concrete floors and bare white walls, made for testing out new fabrics.

    Adidas is not happy

    There is also a library and a recording studio. It’s a stark contrast to the flamboyantly colorful aesthetic of West’s Yeezy shoes and clothing.

    Kanye and Adidas split after Ye’s antisemitic remarks. After this split, Kanye created Yeezy studio. It is the first step in a new direction for Yeezy. The venture already includes a line of footwear and apparel available worldwide.
    Yeezy’s headquarters in Wyoming will eventually allow all manufacturing to be completed domestically. Meaning the production will no longer be produced in Asia. Kanye is venturing away from the Asia, where sweatshop conditions are a common issue. Hopefully the company makes sure the workers have a fair chance of re-employment at other factories or suppliers.

    Kanye West’s fashion sense

    In October, when West considered closing his Yeezy production, the rapper met with workers at an Adidas factory in Vietnam. Ye offered them a re-employment opportunity at another supplier. But the workers were not happy about it, a source said.

    A former employee, who was not on the design team at the time but remembers the meeting, says that the rapper made a remark to a female member of the Yeezy staff that “ruffled a lot of feathers.” The former staffer recalls that West’s directive was to shift the product’s priority from no work to the number-one most important model.

    The Yeezy brand has struggled to re-establish itself after the breakup with Adidas. The German sportswear giant ended its partnership with Yeezy in 2023 after the rapper went on a series of antisemitic tirades. But the German company still has nearly $1.3 billion worth of Yeezy gear sitting in warehouses around the world.

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