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    Kanye West Performs A Live Gospel Concert On Plane

    Kanye West is looking to get back under the good graces of people. Well, he’s close to doing that with his recent attempts.

    Over the last several weeks, clips have been released of the Chi-Town native performing with a mass choir. The upcoming visual project is called “Sunday Service”, and Mr. West delivers on “taking em to Church”. Overall, filming is taking place at random locations abroad. The music genius has released several clips of him along with the choir performing a soulful version of well-known songs. Everything is turning around for Kanye, and we’re happy for him. Even his wife Kim Kardashian is the fashion whore we’ve all grown to love.

    15 Year College Dropout Anniversary

    The clips are a celebration for the 15 year anniversary of Kanye’s debut album “College Dropout.” After the debacle that took place with Trump, Yeezy is definitely in the process of redeeming himself as a person. People already believe that the clips alone are a good enough reason to fuck around and start a Church. Therefore, the ensemble of vocalist, along with musicians provides a sound of true cultural music. Just the other week we were expecting Kanye to have another fucking meltdown if he wasn’t named Creative Director of Adidas. Hence, all is well and Kanye is putting his focus elsewhere.

    Kanye West Gospel Concert

    Mr. West even performed a rendition of his debut album hit single “Jesus Walks”. We know for sure whatever he has in the works will surely sell. A few days ago Kanye West and Kim Kardashian pulled up in a custom Lamborghini. It seems like Ye is going the gospel route and it will surely be an entertaining thing to witness. For that reason, we’re happy for all of his current success but we’re still waiting on Drake and Kanye to dead the bullshit.

    Furthermore, Kanye even took things to another level, people were witnessing the choir perform. The melody and energy was something that couldn’t be explained. As a result, Instagramers, as well as the passengers, were speechless when it came to the gospel performance on the plane.

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    In conclusion, Kanye is having a comeback year in the world of entertainment. Should Kanye do a Gospel concert? How many of you would buy tickets?  Certainly, leave your comment below, and stay tuned to


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