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    Justin Bieber Ready to Fuck Tom Cruise Up in UFC Fight

    Someone get the vaseline ready, because Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise are about to get their knuckles bloody.

    TMZ has just declared that the two Hollywood Divas are in the process of agreeing to an actual UFC fight. This would be an epic match to set your eyes on. On one hand we have a scientologist wack-job who spends his time kicking ass and taking names in all the Mission Impossible movies. Then we have Justin Bieber…the singer. But don’t get his pretty boy act twisted.

    Sure Bieber is a little more tame now, with his newfound interest in tie-dye shirts and ponytails, but back in the day, Bieber had a wild side. He wasn’t afraid to smack a few cameras out of his face, so who knows, maybe there wouldn’t be a difference in smacking Cruise around a few times.

    Besides, Bieber is already in the spirits– judging by his recent tweets. On Twitter, the singer announces that he’d love to see Cruise in the octagon.

    Now that the message has been sent, Dana White and Ari Emanuel are all over the details of the Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise fight. Apparently, they’ve already contacted Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun to see if they can get an actual date set up.

    By the way, did we mention the Biebs is 25-years-old, and that the Mission Impossible star will be knocking on 60’s door in a few short years. This could definitely be one of the greatest entertainment fights in a long time…or the most disappointing brawl televised.

    It’s a coin toss if you really think about it.

    Thoughts? What are your thoughts about a possible Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise fight? Who would you place your money on? Let us know by sharing a comment.

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    Featured Image Credit: : JOHN SHEARER/WIREIMAGE.COM


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