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    Joe Budden Gets His Son’s Blessing to Marry Cyn!

    Joe Budden has been turning over a new leaf these last few years.

    If you all remember, his earlier days on the popular show Love & Hip Hop, were anything but about spreading that positive energy. However, it looks as if he’s done some maturing.

    On the latest episode of the VH1 show, Budden gets personal about the days leading up to his proposal to Cyn Santana. In the episode, he talks with his son, Tre, about getting the proper blessing to move on with a life-changing decision.

    The two are seen talking about Budden and Santana’s evolving relationship, as they sit around the set of State of the Culture. As they talk, the rapper asks his son how he’d feel if Cyn were to become his new stepmom.

    “If I were thinking about getting married, you would need time to get used to that,”

    In response, Tre shocks Budden with an answer he wasn’t expecting to hear.

    In the episode he says:

    “I don’t think so. You’ve been leading up to it… I’d rather you with Cyn than with anyone else.”

    Needless to say, JB experiences some major relief. At one point he even thinks Tre is receiving coaching from Santana, somewhere behind scenes.

    Thoughts? Did you expect that response from Tre? How would you feel if your father was re-marrying? Make sure to leave a comment.

    After, be sure to keep visiting Hypefresh for more gossip news!

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