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    Jeremy Arthur Morris: Life of A Spellbinder In The Music Industry

    Jeremy Arthur Morris has been one of the biggest sensations for the indie music industry. His efficient marketing skills and unyielding leadership has helped countless of artists all over the globe. He has inspired and motivated them to pursue what they truly love.

    At this moment, Jeremy is hosting over 100 unique marketing reps in his company. He also collectively takes care of more than 2000 developing musicians.


    Jeremy Arthur Morris is not a name you would usually notice in the school yearbook because he is from Westchester, New York. Although he wasn’t particularly adventuristic as a young boy, he grew up and spent his whole life in the county. When he was older, he moved to Massachusetts for college.

    As soon as he finished college, Jeremy knew it was time to evolve from his pupa and become a butterfly.

    “My life has always revolved around music,” said Jeremy. In fact, his fate became intertwined with the music industry as soon as he started venting about his life’s problems through songs.  “Throughout my life, music has been a motivator to my dreams, and a stress reliever.”


    With his massive knowledge, his skill set, leadership and charisma, Jeremy has been the voice and the spark for countless musicians.

    Jeremy explains: “musicians need to treat their whole career as a business itself. Though it can be translated that just like a business, music needs to be worked on consistently over large periods of time. This may be the reason why this prodigal entrepreneur has been able to manage so many musicians in so little time.”

    If you ask the average man what they could achieve in the span of two years, you would get the answers like “I would be getting a pay raise” or “I don’t know, maybe move out of my house?”. Jeremy is definitely a cut from a different cloth. Jeremy started his management and marketing about 2 years ago. In the span of merely 2 years, Jeremy has been able to build an empire that is a beacon for lost souls.

    Jeremy is excited for the future. He personally manages Maxx Paradoxx. The manager was personally able to turn a debt-ridden indie artist with no more than 7000 followers into a 5 figures a month musician. Paradoxx now has a massive fan base, with more than 100,000 followers on just Instagram.

    We are looking forward to seeing more miracles from the superstar in the shadows, Jeremy Artur Morris.

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