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    Jacquees and Keith Sweat Face-Off in Fight for King of R&B

    Jacquees is going hard with his claims to be the king of R&B.

    The singer is running around saying that he’s even better than Keith Sweat. Now if you’re familiar, Sweat is famous for “Make it Last Forever” and “Twisted.”

    TMZ caught the two backstage at an event, and Jacquees didn’t hesitate to set the record straight. As a cameraman interviews Sweat, Jacquees comes over and interrupts the older singer. Sweat is visibly bothered but holds his composure.

    Jacquees is heard saying, “this the king from back then, I’m the king from right now.” He later adds on, “16 to 25 is my generation.”

    Many people believe Jacquees is crazy for thinking he’s even in the same bracket as Sweat, considering Sweat is a legend. The younger singer eventually apologized to Sweat, and the settled their differences.

    Who do you all think the King of R&B is? Comment below and for more celebrity news, stay tuned!


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