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    Jack West, 17-Year-Old Artist Making His Way In The Industry

    Let’s Meet Singer/Songwriter Jack West!

    As the sky’s the limit for this upcoming singer/songwriter, Jack West is making his name prominent in the music industry. While only being 17-years-old, West has accomplished a lot during his singing career and has much more to offer that many are soon to see.

    Born in Rochester, New York, West developed a love of music from a young age, from playing guitar to performing in front of 30,000 people. At just 12-years-old was a turning point for West and was the takeoff of his music career.

    “I was twelve, and it was a little bit of a little turning point,” West says. “I played with Eddie Vetter from Pearl Jam in front of, like, 30,000 people in Nashville. So that sort of, like, gave me a little boost of confidence and just like my music, and that’s when I started taking it seriously.”

    Since then, West has toured the country playing at various venues. One of his most memorable performances was opening for Neil Young and Imagined Dragons at BottleRock Festival in 2019. Shortly after, West showed maturity in his music and became a well-known artist.

    Upcoming Album, ‘Numb’ To His Latest Singles Soon To Drop

    With his upcoming album, Numb, dropping in the Spring, West is set to give listeners a new style that many would not expect. He has experimented with beats and sounds to make the final result of electronic pop with a mix of indy. In the words of West, most of the people in his fan base who know his music are “definitely going to be a shocker to them.”

    West is also set to release his upcoming single, “Montreal,” on Jan. 28th, and be sure to check it out. The single and forthcoming album, Numb, came together with the mastering by John Greenham and his bandmates, in which fans are in for a surprise.

    “We really took advantage of the time, and it was really great,” West explains. “And what you can expect to hear with these songs is, I guess, like a story about the past two years of my life, just what I’ve been through. Whether it be relationship-wise, like drug-wise, any of that stuff.”

    His latest single, “A Little Shine,” was released in January about a girl and finding the perfect one to get away and escape. A music video is out now, and listeners are in for a good vibe. West being a perfectionist, his songs to his latest album are genuinely his best. With that, he has gone harder than ever to achieve that.

    “But yes,” the guitarist says. “I poured my heart and everything into this, and I think the world definitely needs to take the time to listen to this piece.”

    New Year Brings In New Opportunities 

    With big plans for the new year, West has a lot to look forward to and accomplish. It is a busy tour season for the “The Last Arcade” star. This year will be an exciting one for the artist.

    “I got a tour coming up,” the 17-year-old artist says. “I’m going to La, Seattle, and New York City in February, and I’m going to Boston, DC. So we got a bunch of shows coming up. And yes, the summer. So I’m excited for this year. I think it’ll be my best year yet.”

    Jack West on dopebecausewesaid
    via Jack West on dopebecausewesaid

    The New York native has shown his dedication and hard work through his music. While more people begin to find out what the singer/songwriter is all about, Jack West continues to strive for more every day. Until then, he will not stop.

    “For me, it beats any sports goal,” West says. “I just think people in the crowd watching you play your songs and enjoying them is something you can’t take away.”

    Jack West is on Spotify and Apple Music. Make sure to check him out!


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