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    Google Home Responds to Your Command and Will Roast You!

    Comparably similar to Amazon’s Alexa, Google has created their own home and personal assistant device which acts at the command of your voice.

    Google Home is like the Siri that has come alive. You can ask it questions, tell it what to do, and ask for help. Partners of Google Home include YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, Tunein, Google Chromecast, Nest, Phillips, SmartThings, IFTTT, Google Calendar and Google Keep.Google Home Responds to Your Command and Will Roast You (2)

    These integrated apps play nicely on the Home and guarantee a simplified experience. In addition to commanding it to play any song of your choice or even asking it a question, such as the ETA of getting to work, Google Home has the ability to connect with any smart home technologies and devices.

    For example, you can ask the Home to change or set the thermostat of your house, dim the bedroom lights or even stream your favorite show on your TV with the Chromecast.

    To add humor to the topic, Google Home not only responds to your request and commands, but it will also roast and put you in check.

    In relation to Amazon’s Alexa, when searching to purchase a product, as opposed to it being shipped through Amazon Prime, it would be expedited through Google Express. While Google Express usually requires users to pay a membership fee or are charged per delivery, Google is waiving those fees with purchases made through Google Home. Users would only need to add a primary payment method and then they would have full access to placing orders by asking Google Assistant.

    Google Home Responds to Your Command

    Google Home is indeed a home device, so for those worried about whether or not the Home would match the décor of the house, Google Home has crafted a versatile design, allowing owners to customize the base with different colors and finishes.

    Google Home Responds to Your Command (2)

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