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    Fat Joe Says He’ll Fight 50 Cent For Free

    The Celebrity Boxing Challenges

    Fat Joe fights for free
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    If there’s one thing men love watching more than politics and football, it’s boxing. The weekend right after Thanksgiving had plenty of people talking, especially about all the boxing challenges going on. While the boxing match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. was a must-see, everyone couldn’t stop talking about the celebrity showdown between YouTuber Jake Paul and NBA basketball player Nate Robinson.

    Everyone from Drake to Floyd Mayweather has talked about Jake Paul’s knockout victory over Nate Robinson. Tons of memes and jokes were thrown Robinson’s way but some hip-hop icons like Fat Joe didn’t find the NBA star’s defeat comical at all. The rapper even went as far as saying he’d never agree to a million-dollar deal to fight his old nemesis 50 Cent, he’d do it for free!

                Fat Joe Fights For Free

    As of late, celebrity fights over social media are gradually becoming a popular past time. Seems like Mike Tyson’s return to the ring has really inspired many to take a jab at boxing. Though, not everyone is a fan of these celebrity-based fights. Rapper Fat Joe had plenty to say about Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson’s fight and let’s just say, he wasn’t impressed.

    The “Family Ties” MC defended the NBA basketball star via Instagram and even denounced the celebrity boxing challenges happening all over social media. Fat Joe even revealed that someone once offered him “$10 million to fight 50 Cent” but turned down the offer. The “Money Showers” rapper candidly told fans that, “I’m not afraid of 50, I’d fight him for free! But to get knocked out, maybe, on TV?” The legendary MC eludes to his previous statement about the courage it took for Nate Robinson to hop in the ring on national television, having no prior boxing experience. Fat Joe knows his limits. The “Lean Back” rapper doesn’t need a quarter mill to fight his arch-nemesis, he could do it for free—and off camera.

    Let’s hear your thoughts. What do you think of Fat Joe’s commentary on the Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson fight?


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