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    What Actually Makes Clothes Cool?

    On a typical non summer day, my jeans are Levi’s. From the waist up, a hoodie of the following: Patagucci, American Rag, or an artist’s merchandise. On my feet: Converse, Vans, Adidas, or Air Jordan 1 Mids.

    My go to store is Macys, online never in store. Honestly, I procrastinate a long, long time. Occasionally, I’ll be followed around the store, because of it. Anyway, after pondering the quintessential question I am left without a definitive answer once again.

    Essentially, I’m wondering what makes clothes cool. Sometimes, I’ve seen people wearing expensively priced clothing that make them look normal. However, I’ve also seen people wearing inexpensively priced clothing that made them look like a million bucks.

    Exhibit A, here’s a picture of rapper, singer, songwriter, and model Nicki Minaj.
    Nicki Minaj
    For the record, I’m not attempting to bash anyone, but simply prove a point. Obviously, Minaj, and her $70 million dollar net worth, probably paid a pretty penny for the dress. But, if you take the dress off of Minaj and put it on someone else the difference is significant. Essentially, a women that’s not famous wearing this dress would consider it another piece of clothing in her wardrobe.

    Additionally, another question arises: does the clothes make the person, or does the person make the clothes. All in all, the dress is elevated by Minaj wearing it, but just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it makes people look like a million bucks. However, some clothing pieces elevate the subject, making them look better. But, now we’re entering the slippery slope.

    Bottom line, clothes should express a person, nothing more, nothing less. Buying clothes for the sole purpose of making yourself look like a million isn’t wise, as unless you’re raking in money like Minaj, you might go broke over clothes. Ideally, you want to find a balance of clothes that express yourself, and don’t break the bank, buying expensive clothing, like Minaj, when best fit and not just because.

    To round things out, we have exhibit B. Here’s a picture of rapper Super Duper Kyle. Like myself, he wears vans, Patagucci, his merchandise, or whatever expresses himself best. And, Kyle looks pretty cool in this picture to me. At the end of the day, what makes clothes cool is you. Sometimes, the clothes make you cooler, but it starts with you. Clothes is a material thing anyway.
    What Actually Makes Clothes Cool 1
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