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    Empire Final Season Announced Thanks To Jussie Smollet!!

    For the better part of four months, the show Empire has been at the center of legal drama. However, the show will be coming to an end sooner than we all anticipated.

    The news surrounding Empire will come to a shock to some, but not too many. Fox will be renewing the show for a sixth season. This decision took place despite the controversy surrounding core cast member Jussie Smollet. Smollet has single-handedly presented the show with unwanted attention, and negative spotlight.

    Empire Final Season

    Since a Chicago judge has dropped all charges surrounding the actor with a staged hate crime things have gotten worse. The city of Chicago filed a suit demanding for the actor to pay back overtime paid out to cops investigating his staged act. Jussie Smollett will not be returning for the final season of Empire. This is even after the cast wrote a letter to the executive office asking for his return.

    Furthermore, things got more interesting when Fox Entertainment CEO, Charlie Collier gave his input on the ending of the show:

    “We are turning the final season into a television event. One of the great benefits of announcing a final season is to have the fans lean in and have the finale they desire.” Evidently, the executive was questioned on whether or not Smollett will be returning to the show, and in response, he stated: “At this point, we have no plans for that. The writer’s room for next season hasn’t even gathered yet.” 
    Empire Final Season
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    Is Jussie Smollet to blame for the ending of the series? Will they let him come back for the final episode? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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