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    Emerging Singer-Songwriter Sequoia Marie Drops “Known Better”

    Emerging singer-songwriter Sequoia Marie returns with her trendy new single, which she has titled “Known Better.” You would want to take advantage of this single as Marie has made sure to pour her heart into it to make it a song everyone can easily relate to and connect with.

    “Known Better” is a song with an atmosphere of desire as the arrangement grows and flourishes. Graced by Marie’s emotions that the vocal makes, its emotional notes are fused with a deep and delicate structure.

    Sequoia Marie has constantly strived to be heard in an industry built for boys gathering hits and very positive reviews. Given its worldly-wise and insightful R&B sound, “Known Better” draws an extreme rhythmic line to drive not only Marie’s admirable performance but also associated with her great lyrical composition providing the listener with a complete show. 

    Stream “Known Better” on Spotify


    1. Awesome singer, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her live and she is an amazing singer, this girl is all talent!!

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