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    Dua Lipa shares new video calling BLACKPINK’s Jennie a cutie.

    Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK Jennie‘s sweet encounter at a power-packed event created smiles. It was at the 15th-anniversary party of Jacquemus on the beautiful island of Capri, Italy. These high-profile stars and locations made the event a truly memorable spectacle.

    Dua Lipa posted on her Instagram an adorable video capture of a sweet moment with BLACKPINK’s Jennie as she was seen greeting Jennie with her cheerful “Hi, cutie!” Jennie, in return, responded with a big beaming smile and blew a kiss towards the camera; this melted the hearts of fans all over the world. The short but charming exchange portrayed a warm friendship between the two artists that delighted the fans.

    The event in itself was a festival of fashion, held in the famous Casa Malaparte-an architectural beauty that complemented the high-fashion event. Jacquemus’s latest collection, “La Casa,” was presented, wherein the minimalistic designs and bright colors gave a perfect tribute to the Mediterranean. Indeed, the show was an amalgamation of ideal fashion, art, and architecture for the attendees to remember the day for the rest of their lives.

    Jennie BLACKPINK cutie video by Dua Lipa

    Jennie just walked on the runway for the first time. Later, she thanked Jacquemus via Instagram for the life-changing experience.: Jennie’s appearance was a signal of versatility and power in the fashion world, making her a global icon since then.

     Dua Lipa shares BLACKPINK Jennie cutie video

    Of course, this isn’t the first public display of their friendship. Dua Lipa and Jennie have attended several public events over the years, ranging from fashion shows and concerts to more tailored stuff. On so many occasions, these two have proved to be each other’s cheerleaders.

    Although many speculate and hope that Dua Lipa will work with BLACKPINK in the near future, there haven’t been any official announcements about a joint project between Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK. Their respect for each other and their working together makes a collaborative effort appealing.

    The Jacquemus’ 15th-anniversary party saw much stardom as several celebrities graced the ceremony. Other than Dua Lipa and Jennie, the list moved further to Gwyneth Paltrow, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Aron Piper, and many other top-notch stars who are renowned in both style &fashion and the entertainment industry. It includes high-profile performers who performed at the event and upgraded the entire glory of the function.

    Dua Lipa was also present there during the celebration. He left an effect on the whole festive atmosphere with her lovable interaction with Jennie, thus making it all very personal and pleasing. She attended the occasion and dominated the entire celebration with her sweet aura, making the event unforgettable.

    Jacquemus’ 15th birthday bash on Capri was a fashion extravaganza, an art fest of sorts, and indeed a beautiful friendship moment. Dua Lipa and Jennie’s sweet interaction melted the hearts since it was evidence of how well they were getting along while drawing smiles on the faces of their followers.

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