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    Drake Vs. Kanye: You Will Never Recover

    Drake, Kanye Take Jabs Before Anticipated Albums

    Lover Boy Drake and 21- time Grammy winner Kanye West are painting the town red once again. In fact, Kanye recently shared Drake’s Toronto address and quickly deleted it. Drake offered a petty but expert response. He simply laughed at Kanye’s jab.

    History of Beef

    We’ve watched the two frenemies over the last decade take shots at one another, dating back to September 1, 2007 when Drake freestyled over “Barry Bonds”, a track from Kanye’s  third album, Graduation. The on and off beef seemed to cool in 2018 up until now. However, there has been a few innuendos over social media that the two are at each other’s neck again. Drake’s album, Certified Lover Boy was originally set to drop this past January, unfortunately, he announced that the album would be ready to go by end of summer due to recovery from knee surgery.

    Kanye’s Delay

    Subsequently, Kanye has been postponing his greatly anticipated album, DONDA, teasing the people since 2020. The album honors the artist’s mother, the late Donda West. It features a versatile plethora of rappers and collaborators like Lil Baby, Playboi Carti and Baby Keem. In addition, Don Toliver, Pusha T, Travis Scott, Roddy Ricch, Lil Durk and Jay-Z are among other collaborators.

    Album Release Party

    Kanye held a covertly emotional release party of the album in Atlanta as the rapper vulnerably discussed his pain involving his children and separation from Kim Kardashian West. The album was set to release on July 23. Nonetheless, the date passed, no release. On July 24th, Kanye’s collaborator, Consequence, took to twitter to ask Drake when he was dropping his album. “We  looking for Drake drop date, Swiss Beats line it up!  Hash-tagging ‘Dropyalo.” On June 30th, Drake tweeted “Album cooked—Certified Lover Boy on the way, and that’s for anyone in the way.”

    The MBDTF’s artist held his second listening party on August 5th, with the new release date set for the following day, however there was no release on August 6th. There was yet another release date for August 15th that was not fulfilled. Speculators have concluded that Kanye is up to his antics again by postponing his release to the same time frame as Drake’s. This spark was confirmed by Trippie Redd’s new single, Betrayal. The View’s artist featured his verse addressing Kanye. “I done done it all, it’s like a Shawty Lo (Shawty), All these fools I’m beefin’ that I barely know. Forty-five, forty-four (Burned out). Ye ain’t.changing sh** for me, it’s set in stone.”

    Drake’s Jabs

    Drake also took to Instagram posting a polaroid of himself in a black tee under a denim jacket with the Boy 666666 written on it, captioning the photo with a purple demon and a crying laughing emoji shading Kanye from an interview in 2018— “Sending purple emoji’s when I’m dealing with mental sh**.”

    Kanye sent a group message after adding Pusha-T, also a Drake rival, a picture of The Joker stating, “I’ve been f*****ed with by weird a** jock ni***** like you my whole life. You will never recover, I promise you.” “D” was a recipient in the group chat, raising eyebrows that “D” stands for Drake. He posted the screenshot on Instagram then deleted it, however, the people still caught it.


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