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    Drake Cuts Off the Live Feed at Lollapalooza Argentina Moments Before Headlining the Performance

    Drake is one of the world’s most famous rappers and he certainly knows how to deliver a killer set. That’s why fans were surprised when he abruptly cut off his Lollapalooza Argentina live feed moments before he headlined the PERFORMANCE.

    According to a report from Tracklist, Drake cut off the live stream to his performance just minutes before it began. This upset a lot of Drake fans and they’re now calling him out on social media for his behavior.

    Doja Cat’s Distressed Audience

    Doja Cat was a popular rapper in her own right, but she’s also known for her carefree attitude. This can lead her to become a target for trolls on social media, especially in places like TikTok and Instagram.

    Doja’s trolls often take advantage of her carefree attitude to say things that are not only mean, but also overfamiliar and inappropriate. This can include calling her a “snake” and a “weasel.”

    It’s not surprising that Doja has had to deal with these trolls. She has been criticized for making homophobic slurs, and she’s also caught heat for mocking Amber Heard in her TikTok videos.

    Doja is a naive, sincere girl who has a knack for romance, but she’s also been cheated on and hurt. So she knows that love can be a messy business, and it’s important for her to stick to her boundaries. This can help prevent her from putting herself in unnecessary pain or harming her lover.

    21 Savage’s Embarrassing Performance

    On September 28th, 21 Savage tripped and almost fell off the stage during a concert in Greensboro, North Carolina. Thankfully, the rapper caught himself before falling, a moment that was captured by fans in the crowd.

    It was a shame, as the emcee gave a solid performance. He was very personable and got everyone on their feet to sing/rap along.

    In addition to his strong performance, 21 Savage also brought up a topic that many are not talking about. He urged his audience to vote in the upcoming elections.

    He also made a point to highlight black immigrants, who often face a disproportionately high risk of deportation in the United States. His message was clear: ICE is not interested in what rappers say or who they claim to be, but rather the fact that they are here illegally and are a part of our society. It is important for celebrities to speak out and show their support for the people they claim to represent, especially during this time of political tension.

    A$AP Rocky’s Embarrassing Performance

    When it comes to concerts, things aren’t always going to go according to plan. Fights can break out, congestion or accidents can occur – and performers aren’t always able to predict these scenarios.

    This was the case for A$AP Rocky, who was performing at Rolling Loud New York on September 24. The rapper arrived late for his set, and fans were upset by it.

    As a result, he had to cut his performance short. He even issued an apology to the audience.

    However, the apology didn’t stop his fan base from criticizing him for being so late. Many people complained that he should’ve started earlier to allow him more time to perform.

    The rapper also got into trouble for jumping in the mosh pit. A video of him doing so went viral. He appeared scared and had an uncomfortable look on his face when he was being dragged and pulled by the crowd. He then took to Twitter to apologize to his fans.

    Machine Gun Kelly’s Embarrassing Performance

    Machine Gun Kelly performed on Saturday night at Cleveland’s NFL stadium — and he sold out (or at least came close). But there was one embarrassing moment in his set that didn’t go unnoticed.

    As he started rapping, a guy in the crowd started booing him and shouting, “you suck.”

    But Machine Gun Kelly isn’t bothered by the booing, despite it leaving gaps in his lyrics that are meant to be filled by the audience. He continues to spit his rhymes and power through the ruckus, even raising his middle fingers as he does.

    The video, which has since gone viral, is a blatant mockery of a real-life situation that happened at an earlier concert in Greensboro, North Carolina. During the event, a fan got in MGK’s face — but it looks like this was all staged. Luckily, the rapper didn’t get injured.

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