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    Dominican Actress Massiel Taveras & Kelly Rowland Clash with Guard at Cannes

    The two famous celebrities, Dominican actress Massiel Taveras and Destiny’s Child alum Kelly Rowland, got into a fight with one of the security guards during the run of “Marcello Mio” at the Cannes Film Festival. The event brought lots of debates online and further excitement, which was somewhat surprising for the festival this year.

    Massiel Taveras red carpet removal

    Former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland got stopped in her tracks by security guards while posing for snappers on the red carpet, and then refused to budge. But as anyone who knows Rowland might expect, the lady clearly knows how to plant her feet strongly and stand her ground.

    In a later interview, Rowland said of the incident, “The woman knows what happened. I know what happened. I have a boundary, and I stand by those boundaries, and that is it.” She also pointed out that there was perhaps an inconsistency in treatment with regard to the people attending, as not all the women who did not resemble her were handled the same way.

    Kelly Rowland and Massiel Taveras Cannes security

    The same guard who was degrading the women was caught on camera seconds later initiating a confrontation with Dominican actress Massiel Taveras. When Taveras was posing in front of the cameras, the guard apparently wanted her out of his way. Taveras surprises at what the guard was doing; threw a blow at him to push him away.

    This incident on the same with Rowland’s witnessed media attention as the security personnel on duty seems to have been actively working in a fight situation. Indeed, the recent event featuring the security guard has caught the scrutiny of celebrities and created massive internet buzz.

    It might be a matter of respect: the Cannes Festival—largely glamorous and prestigious—when Rowland and Taveras were encountered as unexpected issues. It was an extra drama of the festival since such things are supposed to be handled for any participant, regardless of his or her behavior.

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