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    DMV’s SLim.D Spreads The Love on “Tall Dark n’ Handsome”

    Call me selfish, but self-love is the best form of love for me. It’s almost impossible to love someone else until you figure out how to love yourself. Once you master loving yourself, then you can figure out how to spill a little of that over on someone else. Based on his new single, “Tall Dark ‘n’ Handsome”, SLim D can relate to everything I am saying.

    Peace and Positivity

    The DMV rapper has always taken pride in spreading positivity in his music. He made his musical debut album with his 2018 EP, Positively Jiggy. Just like the title suggests, SLim D makes music with the intention of having a positive effect on its listeners. From the few songs that I’ve checked out, I can say he accomplished his goal. His older songs have only scraped the surface of SLim’s potential because his newer material takes it a step further.

    Just recently, SLim hit the streets with a new single titled, “Tall Dark ‘n’ Handsome”. Due to how prevalent social media is right now, this song couldn’t have come out at any better time. On this track, SLim stresses the importance of self-love. Unless you have been living under a rock, dark skin black people don’t always receive the best treatment. So it’s good to see someone go out of their way to uplift their people. Andre 3000 said it best, “Among different cultures, darker people suffer the most”. What a great way for SLim to use his platform to enact positive change.

    Flawless Production 

    I have to mention how addicting and calming the beat is for this song. Produced by SomethinXElse, his gentle production sets the mood. Not to discredit SLim’s contributions either, because he brought his “A game”. I just want you to know how unforgettable this dynamic beat is.

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