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    DJ Quik Recalls Weird Encounter With Michael Jackson “He Made Me Face The Wall to Avoid Eye Contact”

    In a recent interview with All the Smoke, DJ Quik revealed that he once encountered Michael Jackson at a studio. He told the hosts that he and his crew were asked to face the wall while MJ walked past them.

    It’s a strange story. But it’s one that’s pretty true.

    The first time

    In a recent podcast, DJ Quik shared some very interesting and revealing memories from his time in the music industry. During the episode, the Compton rapper shared that his first encounter with Michael Jackson was during the recording of “Tonite.”

    As Quik explained in the podcast, he and his friends were at Westlake Studios when Jackson’s team came into the studio to notify them that he was there. They then asked everyone in the room to turn around and face the wall.

    It turns out that Jackson had just been acquitted in a scandal over his alleged sexual molestation of young boys.

    In the podcast, Quik also discussed how he was forced to change his name and how he managed to make money while still maintaining his integrity. It’s a truly heartbreaking story, and one that shows how important it is to be honest with yourself and your audience about your past.

    The second time

    In the latest episode of All The Smoke, DJ Quik shared a weird encounter he had with Michael Jackson. The West Coast pioneer claims that he was asked to perform an odd request by someone on Jackson’s team.

    While he didn’t go into detail, Quik said that the request came from Michael’s manager.

    But when he finally got into the studio, MJ wasn’t very welcoming to him at all.

    The King of Pop was on a drug binge at the time, and he was prescribed too much medication for his age, including propofol, anxiolytic lorazepam, midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine, and ephedrine.

    But in the end, he died because of these drugs. While they’re not illegal, there are plenty of reports that show how dangerous they can be for people who haven’t been on them in a long time.

    The third time

    DJ Quik says he and his crew faced a weird request from Michael Jackson’s team while working on a song. They were told to turn around and face the wall when MJ walked by.

    The Compton platinum-selling rapper explained the incident to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on All The Smoke. He also revealed that he encountered the King of Pop again, later in life.

    He said that MJ was “more cool” this time, but still didn’t talk to him. He also described this encounter as a “Bloods and Crips thing.”

    As you can see, MJ wasn’t always an easy guy to work with. Despite his popularity, the late singer had a complicated personal life. He was known for his philanthropic work, but he also had issues with mental health and family. It’s a shame that his legacy isn’t as recognizable as it should be, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from him.

    The fourth time

    California rap pioneer DJ Quik recently revealed he and Michael Jackson crossed paths a couple of times over the course of their careers, but the one that really got him was in his Westlake, LA studio. In a video posted to his Instagram, the Compton rapper said that he and several of his crew were asked to perform an odd request. They had to turn their backs and face the wall in order to see who would be performing the gizmo.

    He also told a story about the time he saw Michael Jackson in his underwear on the big screen at the Oscars, which was the most awesome way to see the King of Pop in the flesh. However, the best part of the story was he didn’t have to pay for it! We’re not sure what happened to him after that, but the rapper and his cronies were happy to oblige. He even managed to catch the show on his own, and that’s a pretty rare occurrence.

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