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    Dave Chappelle Asks Fans to Boycott His Show

    Holy Shit! Dave Chapelle Will Host Saturday (2)

    Dave Chappelle asked fans to boycott “Chappelle’s Show,” creating a lot of buzz. In one of his performances he specifically asked his fans not to boycott any network but instead urged them to refrain from supporting his well known skit show. He took to social media explaining that even though ViacomCBS legally had the right to stream his show, he believed it was unfair.

    Dave Chappelle said, “They were streaming my work without asking or telling me. It’s legal because of the contract, but is it right? I don’t think so.”

    Today Netflix has decided to remove the show. It is no longer accessible, on their streaming platform.

    When Chappelle originally signed on to do the show, he agreed to allow for his show to stream without additional royalties or payments. Many argue that because Chapelle created the show and it is his original creation, he should get some form of payment.

    For those of you who can remember, in 2005, Chapelle quit his show suddenly. It had only been a year when he signed a two-year, $50million contract to continue the show. However, Dave unexpectedly took many by surprise when he walked off the set and disappeared. Many assumed that the comedian was going through a mental breakdown. Two years later he went on Oprah to share that he just needed a break and wanted to spend more time with his family. He also revealed on David Letterman that something about one of his skits didn’t sit right when a white staff member laughed at one of his jokes.

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