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    DaBaby Responds to Assault Video

    Video Surfaces of DaBaby Pushing Hotel Employee

    Earlier this month, a video was released that showed the rapper DaBabypushing a hotel worker. The video shows the employee and Dababy walking into the hotel. This is directly proceeded by the rapper shoving the employee into a chair and telling him a few things. The video had no sound, so you can’t hear what DaBaby is saying to the employee.

    DaBaby Responds to Assault Video

    With no context to the video, DaBaby does not seem to be painted in the best light. But the rapper took to his  Instagram to respond in a post. DaBaby claims that the employee was harassing him. In the post, DaBaby speaks of how he was outside of the hotel with his 2-year-old daughter.

    The hotel employee came outside and proceeded to film the two. The rapper told the employee to stop recording him because he didn’t want the location of him and his daughter out there on social media for their safety.

    DaBaby asked the employee to stop recording multiple times but still found no success. This is where the video of him pushing the employee starts. DaBaby claims that he was telling the worker that he had to delete the video, and what he did was not ok.
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    Who Is To Blame?
    When it comes down to if what DaBaby wrote in his Instagram post is true, then there is nothing wrong with what he did. It is quite odd that we live in a day and age where grown adults feel the need to record others on such a regular basis. Although snapping a quick picture of a celebrity is not the craziest thing, what this hotel employee seems to have done is quite different.

    To record another man and his daughter, even after repeatedly being told to stop, is the real issue here. First off the man was at work and went outside to film the video. That is an odd priority. Secondly, one has no right to get involved in someone else’s business like that, especially when it comes to their children.

    Final Thoughts

    If what DaBaby says is true, what he did should not be made out to be such a big deal. Still, it would be wise for the rapper to try and stay calmer. Earlier this month, he was arrested for assaulting a DJ Promoter in Miami.

    What do you guys think, though?

    Should DaBaby clean up his act and stop getting caught up in situations like this? Or did that hotel employee get what he had coming to him?

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