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    D Kirk KV Shines With East Coast Grit, West Coast Enthusiasm

    For D Kirk KV, there’s no denying it, there is a difference between East Coast and West Coast rap cultures. While hip-hop got its start in NYC, it is no secret the free-spirited ethos of West-Coast fashion has greatly impacted hip-hop. Basically, it brought us gangster rap with a more up-beat sound.

    No one on the East-Coast is immune to the grit, but not all EastCoasters are stereotypically judgmental. D Kirk KV shines as an outstanding example. Even though he was raised and is still currently based in Philly, D Kirk KV keeps his grind type spiritual. He advises youth that music is all about being social and being seen. D Kirk KV says songs like “Special” and “For You” best encapsulate the sentiment. “Special” in particular, especially since it was produced by Mustard.

    D Kirk is all about community collaboration and having fun! He comments, “don’t force everything.” One of his favorite collaborations is with an international artist named Sire. The song is called “Wait For Me”. The album Oceans is all about giving someone you like time to talk it out, and he is sure this is something everyone can relate to. D Kirk has also collaborated with artists all across the country from Philly, California to Houston most recently on the song, “Tempted”.

    There is a difference in his creative process depending on the style of the song and how lyrically-heavy it will be. He most enjoys writing a song with a melody so contagious that the track just flows. He is currently working on his second album, and a new single will be dropping soon! This is proving to be a trademark of D Kirk KV. He knows that dropping a few singles ahead of an entire LP grants his audience more time to better absorb and process.

    Though he didn’t start experimenting with instruments until college, he was always passionate about music. His family is vivaciously musical, and they immigrated here from the Caribbean. His father was a DJ who would perform at family functions. One of his uncles is a rapper, and still others dabble in singing and more. His R&B-rap-dance-hall-fusion is a result of his feel-good personality synthesizing his early-life experiences.

    D Kirk KV believes in incorporating tradition into your greater desires for life. There’s nothing wrong with getting ideas for inspiration from the past. D Kirk KV allows elements from his family-life to fuel his career in the direction he wants, and it’s working!

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    1. D Kirk KV has a really lovely sound. I could hear the islands in “Special” before I read further down from where his people come. Bravo! Wishing you much success moving forward!

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