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    Cherri V Takes Listeners on an Emotional Journey with Latest Single “Purpose”

    Soul/R&B singer-songwriter, Cherri Voncelle, has released her latest single, “Purpose,” which showcases her raw and emotional vocal talent. The song delves into the struggles of finding one’s purpose in life after experiencing the pain of ending a marriage.

    With her heartfelt lyrics, Cherri encourages listeners to trust their intuition and follow their hearts, even when the path ahead may be uncertain. The single is a reflection of her own experiences, which adds an element of authenticity to the music.

    Cherri Voncelle is known for her pure live vocal performances and songwriting skills. She has received strong support from various media outlets, including BBC 1Xtra and Capital Xtra. Her previous release, “Crazy Stupid Love,” was well received, and “Purpose” promises to be another hit.

    “Purpose” is a must-listen for anyone who has ever felt lost or unsure of their path in life. Cherri’s emotive vocals and heartfelt lyrics make this single a standout in the world of soul and R&B music.


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