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    Casanova Gifts His Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day From Jail

    Casanova pulled some strings from behind bars to make sure his girlfriend and child’s mother, Swaggy Jazzy had a great Valentine’s Day. The Don’t Run rapper gifted her a brand new Mercedes Benz and two branded trucks for her mobile car wash business, Mint Mobile Auto Spa.

    Casanova is currently sitting behind bars on federal racketeering charges. He hopes to be released soon.


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    Swaggy Jazzy

    Casanova, was arrested in December 2020 after he was named in a racketeering case alongside 17 other alleged members of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang. He was denied bond, but his attorney is working overtime to clear him of all charges. Despite being incarcerated, Casanova has been making his wife feel special every major holiday.

    He even made sure her Valentine’s Day was extra grand by gifting her with a new car and new business for the holiday of love! The “Don’t Run” rapper bought her a Mercedes Benz for the occasion, as well as two branded trucks to support her newly-launched mobile auto spa business.

    Swaggy Jazzy, as she is better known online, is a famous social media influencer and Instagram star. She is based in Los Angeles, California. She is known for her amazing looks and gorgeous figure.

    She is also a travel enthusiast and likes to visit different places with her family. She also has a tattoo of her first letter -Jasmere- on her right shoulder.

    Moreover, she has a pretty beautiful face with black eyes and dazzling skin tone. She has a very charming personality and takes good care of her body.

    Her height is 5 feet and she weighs around 65 kilograms or 143 pounds. She has an amazing figure measurement of 34-26-42 inches.

    The gorgeous lady was born on 24 July 1990 in Los Angeles, California. She is married to rapper Casanova and they have a daughter together.

    Swaggy Jazzy has an extensive online presence and has garnered more than 490 thousand followers on her Instagram account. She posts pictures of her looking stunning on the platform.

    She has been in a relationship with Casanova for over a decade and they have a daughter called Swaggy Cassie together.

    On Wednesday, Casanova surrendered to authorities after he was named in a RICO case along with 17 other alleged members of the Untouchable Stone Nation gang. He has been incarcerated ever since and may serve years in prison if convicted.

    Her longtime girlfriend and mother of her child, Swaggy Jazzy, is doing her best to take the heat off of her boyfriend as he is currently dealing with some serious legal problems. She recently posted a video of what appears to be her friend snitching on Casanova, but it is unclear if the footage predates her boyfriend’s arrest and has nothing to do with his latest troubles.


    A Casanova is a man who is a famous seducer and is known for his amorous adventures. He is also known for having many lovers and he is usually very attractive.

    Giacomo Girolamo Casanova was an Italian adventurer who was a very colorful character and is one of the most well known women’s men ever to live. He has been credited with seducing more than 200 women and is the most famous ladies’ man of all time.

    He was also a very handsome and confident person with a lot of style. He was known for being a very sexy guy with a good personality and was very popular throughout Europe in the 18th century.

    In his memoirs, he wrote vivid accounts of all the female conquests that he had. He was very passionate about love and had a very big heart, so he was able to seduce a lot of women and have many relationships with them.

    His memoirs are now considered to be one of the best and most authentic sources about European social life during the 18th century. The manuscript is now preserved in a museum in Venice, Italy.

    The story of his life is a fascinating one. He started out as an adventurer in Venice, but he was not very successful. He had many affairs and was accused of rapes and even contracted STDs and other diseases.

    Eventually, he was arrested and charged with drug trafficking, gun possession, and murder. He was then sent to prison and has been there since December of 2020.

    As a lover, he wants to make sure his wife feels special on Valentine?s Day and he does that by purchasing a huge gift for her. On Instagram, he is seen flexing a major purchase that he made for her this year.

    This is a great way to get your lover a special gift for Valentine?s Day and will help show them how much you love them. There are so many different things you can do to show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

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