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    Cardi B responds to BIA on GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion’s Wanna Be Remix

    In her verse on the “Wanna Be” remix, Cardi B fired back at BIA with some pointed lyrics. She rapped:

    "Guess I’m a teacher since you wanna sub me / She did what? Had no idea / Thought she was on the shelf, Ikea / Hope she talk like that when I see her / Btch, please, don’t nobody wanna be ya."

    This kind of response came directly because BIA looked as if she were coming for her over some beef issues. Probably, the line “on the shelf” is going to be sort of a subtle jab at BIA’s relative lack of chart success, if anything: BIA has been there painlessly, at least for a mind-numbingly long time, and yet has such a low profile as an artist. BIA is a rapper with a standing of over ten years, but she hasn’t gained an outstanding chart presence. More precisely, when Cardi stresses, “Don’t nobody wanna be ya,” it most likely shows that BIA herself doesn’t want to be her.

    The feud between Cardi B and BIA started earlier this year, after Cardi released her freestyle track “Like What.” The song samples Missy Elliott’s 1999 single “She’s A Btch,”* which also features in BIA’s 2023 song “Fallback.” Some online observers noticed the similarity, and BIA subtly acknowledged it. Cardi then teased that she would reveal something when she released her own song. And now, with the “Wanna Be” remix, Cardi B has made her feelings clear.

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