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    Cardi B & Nicki Minaj Joined Pussies To Drag Tomi Lahren

    After making some rude comments about 21 Savage’s arrest, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj came together to get in that ass!

    As reported, 21 Savage was taken into custody Sunday for an overstayed visa. While we were uncovering the truth and dealing with the shock, things turned ugly quick! All was well until Tomi Lahren used 21 Savage’s lyrics to joke about his arrest. But, you think she would have learned from her recent fight on Twitter with Cardi B. 

    She wrote:

    And if you are a true 21 Savage fan, then you clearly understand that the reference is from his hit single “Bank Account.” But Cardi and Nicki were not impressed and clapped back on his behalf.

    And Lahren’s reply was weak but also rooted in standard political jargon. In other words, she sounded like a true Republican politician talking bullshit and “policy.”

    But Nicki also had a few choice words for Lahren. She instantly discovered the bullshit and chimed in.

    And just like earlier, Lahren’s response solidified why she is a willful airhead. 

    So, can Nicki and Cardi just end their feud and keep roasting Lahren already?! But I digress.

    What do you all think? Could this actually be the end of their feud?


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