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    BTS English Song “Dynamite”, Already Breaking Records

    BTS’s first English song “Dynamite” got off to an explosive start!

    K-pop mega-group BTS’s first English language song “Dynamite” has almost 100 million views in a few hours.

    Some Americans are unaware of the group and maybe be asking what does BTS stand for? Now that BTS has put out their first English song, that won’t be the case for long.

    Mere hours after the BTS Twitter account made mentions of their new song, the term ” Dynamite Lyrics” was trending.

    It could be because of the BTS Army flooding twitter to promote the popular K-pop group.

    K-pop, a multi-billion dollar industry that is booming, and the BTS first English song is more fuel.

    BTS Logo and BTS Merch are amounts some of the top-selling and trending searches on many sites.

    Aside from the loyal BTS Army, even casual fans seem to have a weird allegiance to the BTS members.

    As the father of a 14-year-old daughter, I too had to ask, What does BTS stand for? I now that the Bangtan Boys or Bulletproof boy scouts make good music.

    Check out the new single by BTS “Dynamite” and let us know your thoughts on the lyrics in the comments.

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