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    YSL’s Bslime Defies The Odds On Newly Released “Love Me or Don’t”

    Show Must Go On

    A wise man once said, “Hustlers don’t stop; they keep going, you can lose your life, but it gon keep going”. That quote comes from the trap legend himself, Young Thug. Words hold so much power because now that quote summarizes what ATL rapper Bslime is currently going through. The music industry doesn’t stop for anyone, especially if jail time is included. Bslime understood it was his responsibility to uphold the YSL brand.

    After setting the tone with his lead single, “Baguette”, I knew we were in store for a special project. I am pleased to tell everyone that the time has finally come. After an extended period of waiting, Bslime has blessed the world with his newly released project, “Love Me or Don’t”.

    This 15-song project asserts Bslime’s place in mainstream music. Starting things off on an emotional note, the intro/title track shows Bslime being vulnerable with himself by trying to figure out if people have his right intentions. Songs like this prove how Bslime is not only maturing in reality but also maturing as an artist. I don’t think the old version of him could make the music that he’s making today.

    Sonically Diverse

    I don’t know about you, but I like my projects to be sonically diverse. And I thank Bslime for accomplishing this difficult feat in his first full-length release. A song like “Yeah” is most certainly getting added to my gym playlist. Continuing to ride that wave, track #3, “Whippin It,” is also a song that is imperative to listen to.

    This uncle-nephew duo both bring well-needed star power missing in the industry right now. I don’t care that this song was probably shot and recorded in advance. Songs like this just make me miss Thug and the YSL crew even more.

    Everything about this release feels fresh. Not too many artists can make a sentimental track for the ladies like “Rain Don’t Come”(featuring Toosi). Then turn around and dedicate a song to the certified trappers like “Back In The Valley”. That’s almost unheard of.

    Next time we get more musical/material from Bslime, I’m hoping he takes that next step in artist development to sharpen his skill.

    Be sure to stream Love Me or Don’t.


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