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    Brittney Griner Picks Up Ball Immediately Upon Arrival From Russia

    Phoenix Mercury all-pro C Brittney Griner has been through more than most within the past several months. One can only imagine the trauma that’s been set in place due to her encounter with Russian prisons and officials. According to Yahoo Sports, upon Griner’s arrival, she picked up a basketball immediately and proceed to dunk it in Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.

    It’s been nearly a year since she’s suited and played basketball. To be exact, it has been 10 months since she’s suited up. However, it appears Griner has no intentions of leaving Fort Sam Houston anytime soon told by her agent Lindsay Kagawa Colas to ESPN. Griner landed on Friday morning and shortly was released from the Russian prison.

    Once she departs from Fort Sam Houston, it’s reported that she and her wife will go to a private location. Instead of returning to their Phoenix home. Currently, there is no set schedule for Griner’s public statement. However, her agent mentioned that a statement can be expected in the coming days.

    “At this point, there is no specific timeline for her return. She is adjusting to a changed world,” Colas stated, as reported by ESPN. “From a safety perspective, she will not be able to navigate the world as she did before. This is not a situation she desired, but she intends to use her fame for positive impact.”

    Brittney Griner’s Journey

    Griner was released from a Russian prison last week following a deal made by President Biden to bring back the “Merchant of Death.” The agreement was completed on Thursday, and Griner spent around 12 hours speaking with American officials and flight crew. Naturally, she was forced to cut her hair in prison, and promptly returning to Texas she received a haircut in the meantime.

    While in Texas, she’s been reuniting with family at the arm base in “private quarters”. Griner’s also been showered in amazing food and gifts from Nike and teammates. Until a statement is released, many are curious as to what’s next for Griner as far as her playing career.

    “If she decides to continue playing, it will be her decision to announce. She has the holidays to rest and think about her next steps without feeling any pressure,” Colas mentioned, as reported by ESPN. “She’s doing remarkably well. She has shown incredible strength throughout this ordeal.”

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