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    Britain Warns Russia May Use Sea Mines to Target Black Sea Cargo Ships

    Britain warned that Russia could continue its covert attacks on global food supplies by using sea mines in the Black Sea. Citing declassified intelligence, the government said that Moscow could make moves. They can attack cargo ships carrying Ukrainian grain exports by laying mines.

    Britain warns of Russian attacks

    It added that the Kremlin would likely falsely blame Ukraine for such an attack. The UK government is declassifying and releasing the intelligence in an attempt to expose Russia’s tactics. It also says that Russia is unlikely to abandon its efforts to disrupt Ukrainian shipping.

    This comes despite withdrawing from the UN-backed Black Sea grain initiative in July. Since then, the country targeted 130 port infrastructure facilities and destroyed nearly 300,000 tons of grain. That amount is enough to feed 1.3 million people for a year, the UK Foreign Office said.

    Russia also continued to block access to Ukraine’s ports. Despite a decision by Kyiv to allow ships to leave through a “humanitarian corridor.” They established the corridor to avoid the main routes used by Russia. The UK government says that this likely led to a delay in the movement of up to 2.2 million tonnes of grain from Ukraine.

    This caused “significant disruption” for global food supplies. Britain’s warning came a day after the Wall Street Journal reported that Russia withdrew the bulk of its Black Sea Fleet. Due to Ukrainian attacks, they withdrew it from its main base in annexed Crimea.

    The country was also conducting military exercises across the whole of the country. The UK government works with Ukraine to improve shipping safety. They deployed intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities in the region.

    It also provides armed escorts for ships with Ukrainian cargo in the Black Sea, and it is urging other Western allies to do the same. Amid the increasing tension, the UN Security Council plans meetings on Wednesday.

    The first, requested by Russia, discusses allegations that Ukraine persecuted the pro-Moscow Church. The second, requested by Ukraine, focuses on Russia’s continuing attacks. As well as its attempts to weaponize food supplies. The meeting is scheduled to commence at 10 a.m. EDT, which corresponds to 1 a.m. GMT.

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