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    BREAKING: Emoni Bates is Found with Gun in his Vehicle

    This past Sunday, the former high school basketball phenom, Emoni Bates, has been arrested after sheriff’s deputies found a firearm inside his vehicle, reported Pete Thamel and Myron Medcalf for ESPN. Initially, Bates started his career at Memphis University, however, he transferred to Eastern Michigan this summer. During a routine traffic stop where the issues occurred. Due to the fact, that Bates didn’t stop at the intersection, per Derrick Jackson the public information officer of Washtenaw County’s sheriff’s office.

    Many are discouraged by this upsetting news by Bates because of his potential. Bates has been on a downward trajectory since he began playing at the collegiate level. Sadly, this doesn’t put him back on track. He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and “altering ID marks”. The attorney that will be defending Bates throughout the case is Steve Haney.

    While the news hasn’t been uplifting for Bates, the judge did grant a bond that demands Bates be released from jail immediately. Bates’s stance appears to be he was unaware of the firearm as he was borrowing the car that had the gun in it. In fact, Haney released a statement speaking on Bates’ case:

    “Reserve judgment on this,” Haney said via a statement. “There’s way more to the story. He borrowed someone’s car, was pulled over and a gun was located in the car.”

    What does Emoni Bates Future go from here?

    According to Detroit Free Press, Bates can be facing imprisonment of up to five years, and a fine of up to $2,500. Not to mention, the penalty for altering an ID of a weapon is up to two years in prison with an additional $1,000 fine, as well.

    However, if Bates can beat these charges and get back to playing basketball he’ll have to outlive the stigma of being a “bust”. The hype surrounding Bates in high school was unprecedented, sadly, he hasn’t lived up to the hype. During his time dealing with adversity, the University of Easter Michigan is in full support and wishes to deal with the matter at a better time.

    “We are aware of a situation involving men’s basketball student-athlete Emoni Bates,” the school said. “Eastern Michigan University takes all allegations of this nature very seriously. Per department policy, he has been suspended automatically from practice and playing privileges until the legal process is resolved. Because this is an ongoing legal matter, the University will have no further comment at this time.”

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