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    Blueface Tells His Male Fans to Stop Direct Messaging Him Explicit Photos

    LA based rapper Blueface tells his male fans to stop direct messaging him explicit photos. He claims that they misinterpreted what he meant when he said his “hands were bisexual.”

    The blue ticker may be a lock but the sexstalk is not. Regardless, there’s a silver lining in the form of an epic jaunt down south courtesy of a bevy of female passengers aptly named the poop deck. A slew of the aforementioned occupants will have plenty of opportunities to exhibit their oh-so-talented selves. A bevy of beauties are bound to tee up in the most enviable hotels and restaurants around town. the best part?

    Blueface has had enough

    One of the perks of being a celebrity is that you get to mingle with the likes of the likes and that’s a good thing. The best part is that you can’t do it all the time. Aside from the usual suspects, there’s an army of fanatics that won’t shut up. That’s why the following are the ones that stuck in our brains. The big question is if anyone has actually seen what’s in their swag bag.

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