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    Black Love That Lost: The Uprise Of Divorce In Hollywood

    Black love, by the definition, as we know it, represents unity, togetherness, and ever-lasting commitment. An undeniable bond that should last forever dies out for various reasons.

    Hollywood love differs from glamour and fame; high-profile relationships still experience challenges. However, Black love in Hollywood holds significant power and influence.

    So much so that when a marriage proven to stand the test of time ends in divorce, we began questioning what love is. Taking a moment to reflect and reminisce, let’s look into the Black love lost in Hollywood.

    Tia Mowry & Corey Hardict

    Tia Mowry & Corey Hardict

    A recent black love lost with no warning is Tia Mowry and Cory Hardict. After nearly 14 years together, Tia took to social media to announce their split, shocking fans.

    For years “The Hardicts” was a union of Black love, defying the odds of Hollywood marriages. Having met each other early in their career, they seemed to have an open and loving relationship.

    Multiple rumors have surfaced online speculating why the pair have split. As accusations of infidelity surface, the pair who share 2 kids have made it clear infidelity was not the issue. Although the picture-perfect depiction of success, this was a black love that was lost. 

    Megan Good & Devon Franklin

    Megan Good & Devon Franklin

    Another shocking divorce nobody saw coming was the split between Megan Good & Devon Franklin. An appeared match made in heaven ended in emotional separation after eleven years together.

    The couple who spoke about abstinence before marriage preached the notion of God as the source to hold their union together. A divine example of Black love, this relationship showed no signs of divorce.

    In a surprising turn of events, the couple sadly ended their relationship, posting heartfelt posts via Instagram. A tragic picture of Black love that was ultimately lost.

    Jessie Williams & Aryn Drake-Lee

    Jessie Williams & Aryn Drake-Lee

    One of the more tragic and public splits was that of Jessie Williams & Aryn Drake-Lee. The couple had been together since 2012 before a nasty divorce in 2020. As Jessie Williams’s star appeal increased, his relationship with Aryn began to decline.

    The Black love these two displayed gave hope that someone special was there for everyone. Jessie, who filed for divorce, listed the emotional distress behind the split. Aryn then took to social media to talk about Jessie’s parenting.

    However, the couple who share two children seemed to be a rock-solid alliance resulting in lost Black love.

    Chanel Iman & Sterling Shepard

    Chanel Iman & Sterling Shepard

    A couple that appeared to be in it for the long run was Chanel Iman & Sterling Shepard. After meeting in 2016, the couple quickly said I do it in 2018 with a fairytale-style wedding ceremony.

    The couple welcomed their first child in 2018 and their second in 2019, creating one of Hollywood’s most beautiful black families.

    The pair quietly separated in 2020, shortly after the birth of their second child. Chanel has since moved on with NFL Patriots player Davon Godchaux.

    Dr. Dre & Nicole Young

    Dr. Dre & Nicole YoungThe divorce of Dr. Dre and Nicole Young is a separation no one saw coming. The rap mogul shared nearly 24 years with his wife before a public split in 2018. With two decades of life spent together and two children, their union ended in a nasty divorce settlement.

    Nicole Young was awarded 100 million from the business mogul in two installments. Nicole stated Dr. Dre physically abused her throughout their relationship, which Dre denied. This black love was lost, resulting in a costly lesson.

    Why The Sudden Increase in Divorce?

    Data shows that the US has the sixth highest divorce rate globally, with nearly fifty percent of marriages ending in a split. Two of the most common reasons behind divorce are infidelity and the issue of simply not getting along.

    At what moment does a union reach a breaking point of no return? People who were once madly and willingly in love find a reason strong enough to let go of what was once forever.

    Recently in Hollywood, the heartache of divorce has become a common theme. Promising relationships that appear destined to be are ending abruptly.

    Of course, celebrity relationships have specific details regular people could not grasp; the issue of divorce and separation still affects us all the same.

    With the older vision of marriage dying out and the new generation changing the narrative behind it, is forever no longer attainable? Has the influence of social media alone driven us away from the simple layout of monogamy?

    Black love is praised for its resilience, honesty, and longevity. We find familiarity amongst black Hollywood couples, seeing a piece of ourselves in either the husband or wife.

    As we build a relationship with this black love, we aren’t prepared for the traumatic blow that comes when it doesn’t fit our happy ending.

    Perhaps the pressure to live up to black love’s expectations pushes couples to an end of no return. Nonetheless, these black couples loved and lost, adding to the uprise of divorce in Hollywood.

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