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    Billie Eilish Home Surrounded By Police After Anonymous Call

    Billie Eilish is a rising singer who has taken the music industry by storm. Her debut single ‘Ocean Eyes’ went viral and she has become one of the most successful musicians of our time.

    The singer is a native Californian and still lives with her parents in their modest Los Angeles home. In 2019, she discreetly bought a paradisiacal equestrian property near her hometown.

    The singer’s home was swarmed by police after a welfare check was called in

    Billie Eilish’s home was surrounded by police after they received a call from someone who believed her to be in trouble. The singer, who is best known for her hit song “Ocean Eyes,” was allegedly being stalked by a man named Christopher Anderson.

    The star was seeking a restraining order against Anderson after he reportedly turned up at her parents’ Highland Park home several times since December. The 39-year-old proclaimed his love for the singer, wrote songs about her and even wanted to meet her. He also allegedly left a note at the home, and in court documents obtained by TMZ, Eilish’s father explained that it was causing her substantial anxiety and fear.

    Thankfully, a quick-thinking house-sitter saw an unknown person on video at the property and called 911, which helped authorities to catch the burglary suspect. The culprit was spotted wearing all black clothing and a mask, according to reports. The suspect was apprehended about a block away from the property and did not appear to have stolen anything, according to ABC 7.

    However, the incident has prompted some fans to express their concern. Some people were upset that Eilish’s address was revealed to the public, and many wondered how she would react if her home was broken into.

    A crime reporting app disclosed the location of her family’s house to tens of thousands of users when it sent out a push alert. This is not the first time that a celebrity’s address has been leaked online. Britney Spears deactivated her Instagram account a week ago after her address was published on the site, and a similar incident happened to Billie Eilish last month when a prankster contacted police and asked them to check in on her.

    In other news, a man who is said to be a fan of the pop star attempted to break into her home and was arrested after jumping a fence. The incident was reported in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles on Thursday evening, a report from ABC 7 says. The masked intruder was arrested by LAPD and it is still not clear what was taken from the home.

    It’s also unclear how the burglary occurred or if anyone was in the home at the time. The home belongs to Billie Eilish’s parents, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell, and the singer and her brother Finneas grew up there.

    The home is not currently occupied by the singer, but her parents have lived there for many years. The home was a common sight in the family photos of Eilish and her brother.

    Although a security guard was present at the residence when the incident occurred, no one was home at the time. The burglary took place around 9:15 p.m. local time on Thursday night, and the masked intruder was spotted wearing all black clothes and a mask.

    Footage from local media outlets and social media showed police swarming the property and arresting the intruder. The masked man was seen on surveillance camera entering the backyard and attempting to enter the house.


    1. You really mixed up the details, here Hypefresh. It’s fairly easy to search out both of these news stories and get it right.

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