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    BIA Drops Scorching Diss Track “SUE MEEE?” – Aims Fire at Cardi B

    The music world is excited about the ongoing feud between rappers BIA and Cardi B. On June 2, BIA released her diss track “SUE ME?” against rapper Cardi B despite her threats of legal action. This comes hot on the heels of Cardi B’s direct shots at BIA on the “Wanna Be” remix on May 31.

    • The beef between the two stars goes back to last year when fans accused Cardi B of staling BIA’s flow. BIA agreed to the fans’ accusations, prompting Cardi to respond with the “Wanna Be” remix. Things turned ugly when Cardi B went live on Instagram to claim she was hypocritical and threatened to expose her private conversations with BIA. She shared snippets of what she termed a “Fake diss” from BIA.

    BIA responded by going live on Instagram and previewing her diss track toward Cardi B. Stock audio plays in the background. However—this undoubtedly pays homage to Cardi B’s history of recording and leaking private phone conversations. It sets the tone for the rest of the diss, hinting that no holds would be barred.

    On “SUE MEEE?” BIA made a bunch of bombastic claims:

    Cheating Allegations: BIA insinuated that Cardi B cheated on her husband Offset and teased her about still being with him after he allegedly cheated on her multiple times.

    “You a f*ck girl I see right through yah / Put it on your gang that they didn’t f*ck you in / Put it on your name since you so gangsta like your f*cking friends / Put it on your hubby since you love lying on your f*cking vows / I write all my verses I can do this sh*t for hours.”

    Gang Affiliation and Friends: She alluded to Cardi’s alleged gang affiliations and talked about her best friend, Star Brim.

    Plastic Surgery: BIA was unafraid to speak out against Cardi’s past cosmetic surgeries and doubted her self-love.

    Family: She even brought Cardi’s kids, kulture, and Wave, which is often considered a taboo in diss tracks.

    “Put it on God that you ain’t change your face to mine / I’ll get on your ass hoe I don’t have to waste no time / Say you love yourself, but you won’t put that on your kids / All that surgery and how your body looks so mid / Thought your ass was for the culture (Kulture) / You just trying to ride the wave (Wave) / You should be home with your kids ’cause you speak like second grade.”

    Songwriting: BIA goes on to accuse Cardi of relying on outside songwriters, more specifically, Pardison Fontaine, and the implication is Cardi doesn’t write her hits. It was written by Arnold, but when she wrote it, taking BIA down with her wasn’t precise. It was a well-thought-out response designed to appeal to her fans. Fans of BIA have forever celebrated her for her raw, unedited rap lines, and she made sure she didn’t hold back with this one. She spent hours in the studio pouring every last of her frustrations and thoughts into the mouth of every line; each bar hits hard.

    “C-A-R-D, cry on IG / Catch another ‘tude ’cause she couldn’t catch a beat / Do I beef with you are beef with Pardi (Pardison Fontaine) / You been scrapping projects since 2019 / Weak ass b*tch”

    In 2022, BIA put a copyright infringement case against Cardi B because she used part of the song “Flewed Out” for her song “Cheap Ass Weave,” with no rights obtained.

    BIA said the hook and melody of “Cheap Ass Weave” constituted the backbone of her song “Flewed Out,” released in 2020. In the suit, Cardi B and the team are alleged to have had access to “Flewed Out” and willfully duplicated the signature elements of the song without crediting or paying BIA.

    In her defense, Cardi B denied the allegations, said any similarities were unconscious, and that the components in question were not original enough to call for copyright protection. From the look of things, the two rappers seem to be still in the middle of a legal tussle, as no public announcement of the settlement has been made.

    “SUE ME?” has elevated this rap beef to an entirely new level. Fans have reacted to the bars on the record on social media and different platforms. Safe to say, this rap beef is heating up!

    As the BIA and Cardi B feud unfolds, one thing is clear: the tensions between these two artists are far from resolved. With the release of “SUE MEEE?”, BIA has clarified that she’s not backing down. As we wait for Cardi B’s next move, the question remains: where will this high-profile feud go from here? Only time will tell.

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