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    Bad Bunny Throws ‘Disrespectful’ Fan’s Phone In Water

    Bad Bunny continues to make winds on the internet but not in the positive sense. There’s a video circulating online of the artist walking through a common area of a turost complex called ‘Casa de Campo’ in the Dominican Republic. When a fan approach the artist to take a ‘selfie’ with him.
    The trap/reggaeton artist, known as an important figure worldwide, proceeded to ake the fans phone and toss to the water. This action generated multiple reactions on social media. There’s people who continue to support the artist and those who believe he acted in a disrespectful way.

    Seconds after the incident Bad Bunny responded, “you have to respect personal space”, which can be heard in the video. Aditionally saying he finished eating.

    During the afternoon, on his Twitter (@sanbenito), the singer of “Tití Me Preguntó” maintained his decision of the phone and tossing it, considering it a lack of respect.

    “I always give my attention and respect to those who approach me to say hello, share something, or simply meet me. However, if someone rudely shoves a phone in my face, I consider it a lack of respect, and I will respond accordingly.” expressed Bad Bunny, concluding his tweet with “#SINCOJONESMETIENE.”

    Tell us what you think of the incident. Do you think he was in the right?

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