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    Bad Bunny Strikes Again with ‘Where She Goes’: A Catchy New Single for Kendall Jenner?

    Bad Bunny strikes again with his new ‘Where She Goes’ single. Is the catchy new song for Kendall Jenner? is a master of the genre-fusing banger. His latest hit ‘Efecto’ reverberates like a drug trip and blasts in your ears for days on end. It’s a bold masterpiece with Boriken-based features from the veteran duo Jowell & Randy and Nengo Flow.

    Bad Bunny’s Catchy New Single ‘Where She Goes’

    However, the star of the show is the Puerto Rican artist’s ode to a woman he misses and wonders if she will ever return his feelings. While the lyrics don’t mention her name, it is obvious that the girl he speaks of is the American model Kendall Jenner.

    The singer first sparked dating rumors with her in February, but the two haven’t publicly confirmed their relationship. The pair went out and about together in Miami, but the singer hasn’t shared any official pictures of their outings.

    However, that doesn’t mean that the rumors aren’t true; it’s just that neither of them has publicly addressed their romance yet. That being said, a new verse from Bad Bunny on ‘Coco Chanel’ is making fans believe that they finally confirmed their relationship.

    Is the Song For Kendall Jenner?

    In the song, the crooner sings about a girl who he loves but cannot have again. He explains that she is just a one-night stand, but he cannot forget her and wants to know if she will return his feelings in the future. He also talks about the “good sex” they shared together and how his pride keeps him from being with her again.

    The song, which is a collaboration with the Puerto Rican producer Eladio Carrion, is off his album 3MEN2 KBRN. The track’s English version is titled ‘Where She Goes,’ and it’s a catchy song that sounds similar to other songs in the singer’s catalogue.

    While ‘Where She Goes’ is a song about love and longing, it also touches on how Bad Bunny’s family treated him as a child. Some fans think that he may be talking about Kendall Jenner in his song, and she may be the person he misses.

    Alongside the single, Bad Bunny released a music video for the song that’s filled with cameos from some famous names. Lil Uzi Vert, Dominic Fike and even Frank Ocean make a brief appearance in the desert-themed video directed by STILLZ. Check out the video below! It has already racked up over a million views on YouTube.

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