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    B2K’s Lil Fizz Apologizes To Omarion During Millennium Tour

    A Very Public Apology

    During their Millennium Tour, Lil Fizz paused the show briefly to take a moment to make amends with Omarion. While addressing Omarion and acknowledging his wrongdoings in front of fans, Lil Fizz addressed the dramtic rift he caused dating Omarion’s baby momma (Apryl Jones) behind his back calling it snake type sh*t. Rewind back to when this happened and Omarion reacted with bosslike unbotheredness. Omarion showed Fizz who was in control by canceling B2K’s involvement in the Millennium tour. Furthermore, the announcement was on Fizz’s birthday, pouring salt into the wound.

    Lil Fizz & Apryl Jones

    Now, that Lil Fizz and Apryl have broken up and as the relationship ran its course, Lil Fizz is eating a bit of humble pie as he realized the consequences of his actions.

    “I’m Not Proud of It”… “I have to take this moment, bro, to apologize to you publicly,” Lil Fizz expressed during the show. “I messed up and did some terrible things to my brother, and I’m not proud of it, man.”

    Lil Fizz proceeded to acknowledge his breach of the bro code on stage in a crowded arena, receiving cheers and support from fans as he sought to make amends.

    “I want to sincerely apologize to you for any trouble or issues I caused between you and your family.”

    Instagram Official

    Take a look below on the moment  Lil Fizz apologizes to Omarion, captured on film and now displayed on B2K’s Instagram. The caption read: It takes a humble man to apologize in front of the world and admit their wrongs. The winners of last night 💪🏽 #Boys4Life 🏆⁣

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    Whether or not the moment during the Millennium Tour was geniuine or planned for publicity, fans hope the two can put the past behind them and reconcile once and for all. Omarion hugged him and proclaimed it was all good showing the superstar taking the high road once again, truly unbothered.

    Apology Reactions

    Apology Reactions
    Omarion spoke with TMZ regarding Fizz’s Apology on the Millenium Tour. Credit: TMZ

    “Nothing was expected, you know what I am saying. It was definitely appropriate.”

    In addition to that statement he gave to TMZ, Omarion posted on Twitter with two words: Bigger Man then updated it to Biggest Man giving himself credit for keeping his cool and keeping his peace.


    Apryl Jones

    And while Omarion is just trying to be the bigger man, it seems Apryl is just about moving on. Following the very public apology, Apryl Jones reacted on Instagram. Well, her reaction was a video post on her Instagram diving into a pool with views for days. Apparently, she is moving forward not giving her exes any thought. On to the next?

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