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    American Tourist Dies, Wife Critical After Mexican Hot Tub Horror

    A DREAM Mexico holiday turned into a holiday nightmare for an American couple who were electrocuted in a resort hot tub in Puerto Morelos. His wife, is fighting for her life in a critical condition after the tragedy that took place at a resort that has not been named.

    When they were found in the hot tub, face down, emergency responders arrived “within moments” and attempted to save the husband, but to no avail, despite the efforts of everyone trying to bring him back. The woman was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

    An investigation by local authorities is currently underway to determine the cause of the electrocution. The incident has sparked concerns about safety and maintenance practices at hotels in the Mexican Caribbean. This is not an uncommon occurrence, a Canadian couple met the same fate while in a hot tub in Playa del Carmen in 2015.

    The ambush sparked speculations efforts to improve security in the region had failed After this disturbing incident, if you have a trip planned to the area you should plan to be cautious. Make sure you have travel insurance because it guarantees you’ll get emergency medical care, regardless of whether you have insurance or enough money to cover medical costs. Because safety standards differ, tourists should be alert and take note of any conditions that may be potential safety hazards when using holiday resort amenities like hot tubs and swimming pools.

    This tragic accident is a wake-up call signaling to prioritize safety in the tourism activities. The lauded attention to safety details is highly reliant on municipalities to enforce industry standard safety practices and safety maintenance, to ensure the well-being of resort guests. Tourists can also do their bit by being informed, taking care and following basic safety advice when using pools and hot tubs as well.

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