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    Creative Differences Not An Issue On “Oxnard” For Paak

    Being creative is necessary!!

    Creativity goes a long way in the world of entertainment. Talent is surely not enough to sustain artist in this day and age.

    Los Angeles native, Anderson.Paak met up with HipHopDX’s Editor-In-Chief Trent Clark for an episode of Soulful Sundays. The aftermath artist just recently released his first album under the new record label entitled “Oxnard”.

    The rapper/artist hung out creating great dialogue and enjoying good food.  During the conversation, Anderson spoke on the creative clashes with the legendary producer, Aftermath CEO, Dr. Dre.

    “You just gotta fight for it if you really feeling it,” Paak noted. “The people that he works with, he has that respect for. And if he’s putting that much time into it, he respects your opinion too. He’s not gonna put that much time into someone that he’s gotta do all the work. So, we meet each other halfway. And he’s always like, ‘Your call AP,’ at the end of the day.”


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