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    5 Superstar Singers Who Raised Hollywood Star

    It has long been a rite of passage in the glimmering world of Hollywood, where legacy is as woven into ambition as a well-choreographed dance number: the offspring of superstar singers donning the shoes of a parent well, at least stepping out of the shadow of their parents’ tunes and into the limelight of the silver screen. Here are the remarkable takes on self-presentation produced of five Hollywood daughters who make it on their own in acting – and do so, each elegantly classy, combining a hard work ethic with asserting the musical family heritage which inspired them along the way.

    Zoë Kravitz: A Rock Royalty Redefined

    Played by real-life rock legend offspring Zoë Kravitz (daughter of Lenny) she certainly has a surprisingly captivating stage presence and interesting acting range. Whether she’s an iron-willed warrior as (Mad Max: Fury Road’s Toast the Knowing), or a tragic enigma as (Big Little Lies’s Bonnie Carlson) Zoë commands the screen with equal parts vulnerability and power. Establishing herself as more than the daughter of a rockstar, Rihanna has continuously reinvented the scope of her brand in Hollywood.

    Lily Collins: From Drum Beats to Fairytales

    Lily Collins: The blossoming of an artist: The daughter of the legendary drummer and Genesis lead vocalist Phil Collins Deviating from the rhythmic beats that made her father a legend, Lily took a liking with the realm of storytelling. Her enchanting turns in ‘Mirror Mirror‘ and the delightful ‘Emily in Paris‘, however, highlight her range and innate charm. Lily here shows that talent is beyond just singing, and adds a new genre to Hollywood fairy tales and romantic comedies.

    Nicole Richie: Reality Bites and Beyond

    Countless people had their lives defined by the velvety voice of Lionel Richie with such classics as “Hello” and “All Night Long. Lost in her father’s shadow, his daughter Nicole Richie made headlines first with her reality TV antics with Paris Hilton. But the joy of providing entertainment goes farther than any fame Since then, Nicole has segued seamlessly into acting, flexing her comedic timing and charm for numerous roles. Its portrayal of her journey hints that the ability to command an audience may arise in surprising ways.

    Willow Smith: A Multifaceted Legacy

    Both music and acting allowed Will Smith to reign. He could command any stage – from the infectious exuberance of “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” to the high-octane “Men In Black. But that was never the case for his daughter Willow. Willow Smith made a splash with her song “Whip My Hair,” and later starred in movies like “I Am Legend” and “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.” In the vast world of art, talent knows no age limit, a truth evident in Willow’s diverse career, much like her father’s.

    Molly Moorish: A Rebellious Spirit Takes Flight

    Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher was known for his brash vocal delivery and energetic performance style. And his daughter, Molly Moorish, carries that embody younger spirit as she too makes a name for herself in acting. Although this crusade of hers is in the early stages  it’s heartening to witness how she is attempting to step out from her famous father’s shadow. With a hooky opening line, Molly’s first film project will be no different, just what you would expect from this mescaline bred, rock ‘n’ roll bloodline.

    The common thread that runs through the lives of these daughters of rock royalty is one of coming of age amidst the chaos of fame while trying desperately to figure out who they really are. Her father’s charisma isn’t the only thing influencing them; she has also inherited their ability to endure a tough world in show business. They have overcome obstacles and proven that they are not the Hollywood stereotype of what defines a star.

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