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    Paris Hilton announces Sophomore Album “Infinite Icon” out September 6th

    Paris Hilton: From Reality TV Royalty to Pop Princess 2.0 with “Infinite Icon”

    Pleasant news for the millennials abroad, Gen Z is up next to get a lesson in early 2000s party anthemology. Paris Hilton, the decadent chanteuse, will have a fourth album on shelves soon: has announced her upcoming sophomore album (since 2006 debut Paris) Infinite Icon, which will be released on September 6th, 2024.

    Naturally, this comes almost a full two decades after Hilton’s career-launching “Paris” album first graced the world with pop bop “Stars Are Blind.” Like its creator, the track itself transcended trends to become a cult classic long after the car speakers and party playlists of the time had become mere memories.

    Yet those achievements only scratched the surface of Hilton’s lasting impact. The “It Girl” of her generation, she lived her life like the Truman Show documented in the iconic “The Simple Life. Instead, working hard at a career in music on the side (she dabbled with one-off singles “Good Time” in 2013 and “High Off My Love” in 2015), her creative pizzazz would be teamed up with some of the biggest names in the culture, such as Steve Aoki and Sia. But, they waited for a proper music comeback from the singer and it looks like their prayers have been answered.

    The coals of Hilton’s album reboot turned into a blaze by late 2022. The music world was upended when she sang “Stars Are Blind” during a surprise appearance on NBC’s New Year’s Eve broadcast with Sia and Miley Cyrus. ★ This wasn’t simply a nostalgia trip, it was a statement of intent. Further momentum came from a revamped version of “Stars Are Blind” with Kim Petras and a record-setting area debut at the Fonda Theatre in June 2023. Keep an eye out for the sledgehammer-wielding Paris Hilton.

    However, for those itching to hear what “Infinite Icon” sounds like, it was a very short wait. The hot one On, like the joint Before releasing their album in June 2023 A dance floor bomb that appeared to prelude an album brimming with the same infectious energy. So the release is only some time away and the first single with video drops in 2024 in June, we are buzzed.

    But the Infinite Icon is only the beginning of Cameron’s journey. Chart-topping pop powerhouse Sia has signed on as executive producer, putting her own stamp of approval on the project with a slated collaboration called “Fame Won’t Love You.” In addition, there are rumors that pop royalty Miley Cyrus and Meghan Trainor will lend their voices to the film, with hitmaker Benny Blanco confirmed to write music for the production. Between the melting pot of talent, the album appears to be ripe for variety and catchy hooks.

    The news “For the gays,” Hilton wrote cheekily in referring to the album, sent the internet ablaze after “Infinite Icon” was announced. It was a very touching tribute and has since struck a chord with her strong LGBTQ+ following, cementing her role as an ally and an idol. Fan art, throwback photos and screams of jubilation are in no short supply across social media, a sign that Paris Hilton’s cultural footprint endures.

    And the only thing that’s clear as September 6th looms is that Paris Hilton is back, and she’s not playing by your rules. But with a song like “Infinite Icon,” she sounds like she’s ready to hop back on the pop music throne and show everyone why she originally got named the “Infinite Icon”. So dust off your tiaras and get ready to party like it’s 2006 (but with a higher-tech twist) — because Paris Hilton is back — and she’s bringing the party to you.

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