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    5 Facts About Black Billionaire David Steward, Can He Save Black Twitter?

    The Root developed a list of Black businessmen who could replace Elon Musk as head of Twitter. One of the most promising contenders is David L. Steward, a Black billionaire. Elon has been open about his political views, but that is no excuse for allowing wealthy bigots to dominate one of the largest social media platforms in the world! It has recently been announced that the platform could combat hate speech, like the rampant use of the n-word, by charging users a $8 “verification fee”.

    The Root reports, “the founder and chairman of World Wide Technology, one of the largest Black-owned companies in the United States. Since he’s already in the tech world, his transition into Twitter would be seamless.” It’s hard to argue with that! Here is a list of 5 facts you might not know about the business icon.

      1. David Helped to “Diversify Hockey”
    1. As part-owner of the St. Louis Blues, David helped the team win the Stanley Cup. He says he hopes this will lead the way for other people of color to do the same!

    2. David Grew Up in a Segregated Town

    David grew up in Clinton, Missouri. Although his classes were integrated as of first grade due to the recent Brown v. Board of Education, the phenomenon was still met with hostility by some townsfolk. David remembers his own father having to “patrol the town all night to ensure his five kids could go to school safely.”

    3. David Attended College for Business

    1. He eventually graduated from Central Missouri State. 10 years later, he borrowed $2,000 from his father. This is how he started World Wide Technology in 1990.

    4. Made the Forbes 400

    In 2021, The St. Louis American reports that David, “was listed as No. 182 on The Forbes 400 list, with a net worth of $5.8 billion, up from $3.7 billion last year.”

    5. There are Thirteen Black Billionaires in the Entire World

    Read up on David’s impressive financial stats here!






    1. Awesome work, David L. Steward.
      Missouri & elsewhere, thanks you.
      On diversity, Steward says, “We were the only raisins in the milk.”
      Seems like those scales of justice need a whole bunch more raisins on one side of the scales to help further balance things out!

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