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    Artist Jorja Smith Claims Drake’s “More Life” Didn’t Make Her!!

    Artist Jorja Smith seemingly became well known from Drake’s More Life album. On the UK themed album, Drake ensured to put some of U.K.’s top heavyweights on the map through album features.

    Even though Drake is known for jumping starting artist careers, Jorja is here to set the record straight. The artist has been grinding on her own and was even selling out shows before her feature with Drake. In a recent interview with Evening Standard, she expressed why she doesn’t like the claim that Drake is the one who gave her that primetime exposure.


    The talented artist believes she is a star in her own right, and that she wants fans to realize that.

    “I did two tours in America before I was on More Life, and they were sold out. I didn’t need him. I’ve already got fans over there,” she said.

    Smith also wanted to clear the air about the two being involved on an intimate level.

    “The annoying thing is that people want to talk more about Drake than me,” she said. “It’s always the same: how did you meet him? How did you write? Was it cool working with him? I know that’s how it is, for any small artist who works with a bigger artist. You’re associated with them, because that’s how people find out about you, like clickbait.”


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