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    Zach Wilson’s Ex Abbey Gile Engaged to His Roommate Dax Milne

    In a story that has taken an unexpected turn for everyone involved, Abbey Gile the ex-girlfriend of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson got engaged to Dax Milne this week. This has only further complicated the narratives between these three.

    Zach Wilson, a household name in the NFL as quarterback for the New York Jets and Dax Milne wide receiver of Washington Commanders do have previous history together. The two athletes were teammates at Brigham Young University (BYU) and college roommates, too, creating a bond that lasted throughout their days in school.

    Which all starts with the high school romance of Zach Wilson and Abbey Gile. While Wilson was out on the field leading BYU, Gile sat in the stands supporting him. Unfortunately, they broke up in early 2022. The news of a split were confirmed by way of social media but the specific reason for it is unknown.

    After what he broke, Abbey Gile started dating his next chapter about Dax Milne. Milne first posted photos of them together on Instagram in November, indicating that they were a new couple. Abbey Gile and Dax Milne announced their engagement on social media, marking a significant milestone in their relationship, which has attracted considerable attention due to their connections with various individuals.

    The engagement announcement lit up social media with a lot of response. The extent of the backlash even surprised me, given how much love I know is out there in Denver for Wilson, Milne and their story. A few were a bit taken aback and offered that there may be a hint of awkwardness for Wilson but overall it was fairly supportive, well at least from other people who are in his line of work including me I mean goodness everyone deserves happiness regardless if your ex comes away with half you fortune down the track.

    Abbey Gile and Dax Milne have been wide open about their relationship displaying how happy she is with the recent news that this new couple has made headlines. Since then, Zach Wilson has remained stoic and silent on social media, fully channeling his effort into his NFL career with the New York Jets.

    While it might be a little personal, their relationship off the field has not appeared to have had any impact on Zach Wilson and Dax Milne together in practice. Wilson and Milne now play on different NFL teams, so they only get to face each other in the occasional game or when business calls. The reality is this: Wilson came to New York with a goal – keep the starting quarterback job long-term, and one day become known as the best QB in team history; Milne was drafted by Washington hoping to eventually change every perception that existed upon him playing his first game.

    Abbey Gile, Dax Milne The engagement of Abbey Gile and Dax Milne go way to show how an intricate web of relationships can form in the sporting world. The general reaction to their relationship has been varied, but it seems like Gile and Milne are currently in a positive place together as they enter this new part of their journey. At the same time, Zach Wilson is ready to dive head first into his career which highlights how difficult of a task it can be as an athlete to balance two lives.

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