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    WINEHOUSE’s “We Coast” takes us on a nostalgic summer drive

    WINEHOUSE’s latest single, “We Coast,” is a fun and nostalgic track that takes us on an evening summer drive. The lyrics are wistful, reminding us of long travels on warm nights, and the hard hits throughout the track keep the energy high. With a throwback, early 2000s feel, the song is perfect for belting out the crowd vocals at the top of your lungs.

    “We Coast” marks the first release with WINEHOUSE’s new vocalist and a new process for the group. WINEHOUSE draws musical inspiration from pop, jazz, funk, and rock artists and current sounds like Norah Jones and Lake Street Dive.
    The band is embracing collective songwriting, incorporating all members in the process.

    The Olympia, WA-based band aims to create a timeless, experimental pop sound everyone can enjoy. Through their recordings and live shows, WINEHOUSE hopes to inspire listeners to explore a new world of music. Don’t miss out on “We Coast” and the rest of WINEHOUSE’s captivating music.


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