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    Watch Prince William Dance to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ at London’s Eras Tour

    During the highly anticipated Taylor Swift Eras Tour stop in London on Friday, June 21, concertgoers were treated to a lovely surprise when Prince William was seen busting some moves to her hit “Shake It Off.”.

    Fan-captured footage from the electrifying concert suggests that he acts wild, rejoicing in the music. The Duke of Cambridge, casual yet stylish in his blue ensemble, let his hair loose and came out to entertain his energetic movements while dancing in the stands. His most energized and carefree moves had already become a highlight of the night, giving royal flair to the performance by Swift. Princess Charlotte joined her dad by her dad’s side, who partied with her, swaying and smiling to the rhythm of this upbeat Americana-infused pop banger to the crowd’s delight.

    Another such moment that turned out to be unforgettable is the behind-the-scenes moment of the royal family. After the performance, a selfie was clicked with Prince William along with Prince George, and Princess Charlotte while Taylor Swift was in the frame. The photograph shows genuine smiles and excitement, and as it went viral on social media, so did this iconic snapshot of the night.

    To her most loyal fanbase, Swifties, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is an event of mammoth proportions. Her set has been phenomenal, including songs from her oldest to newest albums. Every concert in this tour has rave reviews concerning its high production value, stunning graphics display, and heavy-hitting crowd; therefore, it would be a show that music lovers are going to exude interest in.

    But what put a royal twist to the event was Prince William’s impromptu dance and his children being there. The fans and media did take timelines by storm as they expressed their excitement, many saying that, indeed, the royal appearance made the concert special.

    “I never thought I’d see the day where Prince William was dancing to ‘Shake It Off,’ but that made the evening unforgettable,”

    one fan tweeted. Another concertgoer shared,

    “To see Princess Charlotte enjoying the music with her dad was heartwarming. So great to see the royal family out and having a good time, just like everyone else.”

    The London stop on the Eras Tour will be etched not just in light of the unquestionably fabulous performance from Taylor Swift but also because of these delightful moments brought along by their royal participation. On this night of music and dancing, there was an unusual, joyful view of the royals—endearing them further to the public and adding magic to Taylor Swift’s tour.


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