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    Washington Football Team Selects Commanders As Team Name

    The Washington Football Team has decided on a name officially, the Washington Commanders. After 87 years with its former name, Washington Redskins, then later changed for two years to Washington Football Team. The franchise announced this on Wednesday morning, they also unveiled their new uniforms and logo. The team president Jason Wright and head coach Ron Rivera emphasized the team name has some affiliation to the military. The fact it’s the nation’s capital almost makes it have to affiliate with the military at some point.

    “We landed on this in part because we believed the Washington Commanders can carry the rich legacy of this team,” Wright told the assembled crowd. “It’s got the weight and heft of something befitting a 90-year franchise. It’s something that broadly resonated with our fans in this process and something that embodies the values of service and leadership that characterizes the DMV [D.C., Maryland, Virginia region].”

    “At its core, this effort is not just about choosing a name,” Wright explained. “…Rather, it’s about initiating a process that allows us to uphold the cherished aspects of the burgundy and gold.”

    The praise and excitement for the team name

    Washington’s owner Dan Snyder spoke briefly before turning it over to his wife and co-CEO Tanya Snyder. Although Snyder was adamant for years about never changing his name. He still wore the new logo and uniforms proudly across the stage and seemed to believe in their new mission and goals.

    “Today’s a big day for our team, our fans, a day in which we embark on a new chapter,” Dan Snyder said. “It’s been a long journey to get to this point.”

    “When I first saw [the name], I saw it with the uniforms,” said defensive tackle Jonathan Allen. “If you’re looking just at the name, well, the name doesn’t mean anything to you. There is no previous history associated with the team. You haven’t witnessed anyone playing for them, there are no existing uniforms. So naturally, you may not be inclined to approve. However, once you experience it firsthand—observe the lively atmosphere, the fresh helmets, the new uniform, and witness the players proudly donning it, as well as the vibrant culture we’ve cultivated around it—many people will find joy in it.

    “… It’s so much more than a name, it’s a new beginning as an organization,” Theismann added  . “Things have changed a lot. People are not opposed to change. They’re opposed to being changed. We’re not trying to change anybody. All we’ve done is modified and changed the name.”

    A step in the right direction

    Many would agree that the name change is respectful to Native Americans and any locals who’ve been offended by the team name for the past several decades are no longer subjected to that anymore. Crystal Echo Hawk, exec director of the nonprofit organization IllumiNative, called Wednesday a “momentous moment”. She emphasized how important putting that horrible chapter to rest and now how healing can finally begin.

    “The NFL is not done,” Hawk added. “The Kansas City Chiefs need to take action and align themselves with the right side of history. Washington has proven that rebranding can yield positive results. This is a positive development, and now the focus shifts to the Chiefs.”

    “It’s a fantastic moment for Washington fans. They desire to back a team, to have affection for a team, and now they won’t be compelled to do so with a name that is recognized as an offensive term,” stated Ray Halbritter, the national representative and CEO of Oneida Nation Enterprises.

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