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    Virgø’s “Lust, Trust, Love” Takes You On A Heartfelt Journey

    Hailing from Hawaii, the artist known as Virgø presents his newest single, “Lust, Trust, Love,” a poignant voyage through a man’s struggles with passion obstructing his ability to form deep emotional bonds. The narrative takes a heartwarming turn when he learns to unlock his emotions and embrace connection through the guidance of a widow. Virgø’s distinctive narrative approach and seamless delivery harmonize flawlessly with the minimalist production, allowing the lyrics to shine brightly.

    Born in 1994, Virgø draws inspiration from hip-hop luminaries such as Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and JAY-Z. With this recent release, he unequivocally showcases his prowess in crafting soul-stirring music. As an emerging talent, Virgø holds a promising future for his fanbase, and “Lust, Trust, Love” stands as a mandatory listen for those who appreciate contemporary ballads brimming with heartfelt authenticity.


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