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    Transgender’s Community Has Woman Symbol Removed!

    The Transgender community stikes again! They bully feminine products producer Always to remove woman symbol!

    Proctor and Gamble brand Always has announced it will remove the female symbol from its packaging. This comes after receiving backlash from members of the Transgender community. Which came via twitter noting that not only women have periods.

    A member of the Transgender community by the name of Melly boom. Took to Twitter to call out the sanitary product company. Stating in a tweet “Could someone from @Always tell me why it is imperative to have the female symbol on their sanitary products?”.  Even-more letting the company know “non-binary and trans folk” also have use for the products as well.

    This tweet seems to be referencing female to male transgender males who choose not to take medicine or have surgery for their transition. Another transgender activist by the name of Ben Saunders wrote a letter to the company to advocate for the community. To which the company responded by saying that they “listened” to the letter and have decided to produce packaging without the symbol.

    However, not everyone was happy with this decision, some feminist responded calling the move “cowardice”

    The daily mail quoted feminist Julie Bindal. Who said the move “.. is basically denying the existence of women.” Additionally, other activists spoke out as well. Suggesting that “biological women” boycott the company.

    Always has decided to stand by its position though. Highlightings its commitment to “diversity and inclusion”. Furthermore acknowledging that not all people who need pads or have periods aren’t female.

    The world is changing as we know it. To properly deal with the changes we as people need to be open to views that are different than our own. Now more than ever the ability to agree to disagree is important to how we handle issues that affect other people.

    Hopefully every community gay, straight, trans, cis can be respectful of each other’s views. Just because someone doesn’t agree with your opinion or viewpoint doesn’t mean they are phobic.  Also, just because someone wants to have their views heard and respectively doesn’t mean they have an agenda. The reality is all people on this planet have more in common than we have differences. When we start focusing on how we are alike rather than not alike is when humanity will really start to fulfill it’s potential.

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