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    Top Producers to Look Out for in the Next Couple of Years

    Producers look out!!!

    We’re in a new decade people!!!!

    Music makers, hip hop beat producers, come round cause its time to tell y’all who you’ll probably be working with really soon. Be ready to see a new wave of everything, especially music. All the music that we are going to listen to this year is expected to grow with the new decade. So who’s going to make it?

    There are a lot of new producers that are coming to the scene and some that have been in the game for a while. This is going to be a list of some of the producers to look out for in 2020.

    1. Tay Keith

    Top Producers to Look Out for-1

    Instagram: @taykeith

    We all know that when we hear “TAY KEITH” that 808 is about to drop and we’re about to get lit! If you’re apart of the 5% of people that don’t know who Tay Keith is yet, then expect him to be all over your music queue in the next couple o years.

    He has worked with artists like Travis Scott, Drake, and Philly’s very own Meek Mill.

    Not expecting anything but major growth for one of the top producers in the game today.

    2. Cardo

    Top Producers to Look Out for-2

    Instagram: @cardogotwings

    Cardo might not be a producer that you are as familiar with like Tay Keith but believe me when I say you know his music.

    He’s worked with artists like Drake on God’s Plan and Meek Mill on Levels.

    He has a few songs that have made it to the top 100 in music charts and he isn’t anywhere close to done so expect more from him in 2020.

    3. Kato on the Track

    Top Producers to Look Out for-3

    Instagram: @katoprodcer

    Kato on the Track is a producer that is starting to gain a massive following on Instagram. ON his page he gives advice to upcoming producers that are trying to find their place in the music industry.

    He’s worked with a number of artists including Tory Lanez, Joyner Lucas, and B.o.B.

    He’s been in this game for a while now but expects him to make some bigger waves this decade.

    4. Beats by Dinuzzo

    Top Producers to Look Out for-4

    Instagram: @beatsbydinuzzo

    Dinuzzo is a producer out of Virginia that has is making his way up in the industry. With his crazy beats and smooth melodies its expected that he makes some big jumps in the industry very soon.

    You can catch his work on Jaden Smiths album ERYS on the song On my own and on Dave East’s latest album Survival.

    Definitely someone we’re excited to see make it in the near future.

    5. BRDG Beatz

    Top Producers to Look Out for-5

    Instagram: @brdgbeatz

    The last producer on this list that we want to acknowledge is BRDG. He is a producer that is currently based in Philly and is making some big local waves. He’s been getting his work out there on different platforms whether that’s through his IG, Twitter, or Youtube.

    He’s worked with artist all over Philly and is your best bet if you need a local producer that is ready to get your music to the next level.

    Producers are on the rise!

    Keep your ear out to the street and make sure that you know who you’re listening to cause you want to be one of those people that says “I was a day one fan!”

    Music makers, hip hop beat producers, and anyone else that has a love for hip hop and R&B be ready for this decade and enjoy the ride.

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